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Braco Electricals (India) Pvt. Ltd. will be the preferred choice for providing knowledge based quality solutions through pioneering efforts to meet changing market demands and exceed customers expections.

At Braco Pioneering Means Market Leader
At Braco Pioneering Means Global Recognisation
At Braco Pioneering Means Sustend Growth
At Braco Pioneering Means Sastisfied Customer
At Braco Pioneering Means Motivated Bracovites
At Braco Pioneering Means Leaveraging Knowledge
At Braco Pioneering Means Wealth Creation

Braco Electricals (India) Pvt. Ltd. pioneering position has been strengthened by its unique ability to thrive in a business environments where technologies are changing with lightening Speed On account of intelligent planning and able technocrats.

while every effort has been taken to ensure that the information as cotained & printed in this Catalogue is correct, yet the company will not accept or cannot be held legally responsible for any claims whatsoever for any inaccuracy, error or omission which have crept inadvertantly.

In the view of the fast technological changes in our product the company reserve its right to modify any part of our product as described in this Catalogue.

Industries Served
Electric Industry   Electronic
Railways   Steel
Cement   Textile
Chemical & Fertilizers   Automobile
Mining   Sugar
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