Brass Cables Glands PG Type (PG & Metric Threads)

Braco Brass PG type Glands are suitable for unarmoured, plastic or rubber sheathed cables. These glands are made from Brass with Nickel Plated. These Glands provide IP protection upto IP-68 levels. Polyamide Claws with EPDM Rubber can hold cable firmly and have a wider cable Range. Resistant to salt water, Weak acid, Alcohol, Oil, Grease and Common Solvency.

Technical Specification

Gland Size Cable OD Range Thread OD C1 Thread Length C2 Hex Dimension
Short Long
BPG- 73-6.512.561014
BPG- 7 S2-512.561014
BPG-9 S2-615.271017
BPG-11 S3-718.671020
BPG-13.5 S5-920.47.51022
BPG-16 S7-1222.57.51024
BPG-19 S10-132481226
BPG- 2113-1828.381230
BPG- 21 S9-1628.381230
BPG-25 S13-183091233
BPG-29 S13-203791240
BPG-36 S20-264791550
BPG-42 S25-3154101557
BPG-48 S29-3559.3111564
BPG-63 S32-4072152080
BPG : PG Thread Glands. Suffix 'S' is for smaller dia Rubber, Suffix 'L' is for Long Nipple,
Suffix 'SL' is for small rubber is for long Nipple.
Gland Size Cable OD Range Thread OD C1 Thread Length C2 Hex Dimension
Short Long
BPGM-12 x 1.53-6.5M-1261014
BPGM-16 x 1.54-8M-1671017
BPGM-18 x 1.55-10M-1871020
BPGM-20 x 1.56-12M-207.51022
BPGM-22 x 1.510-14M-227.51024
BPGM-24 x 1.511-15M-2481226
BPGM-25 x 1.512-16M-2581227
BPGM-25 x 1.513-18M-2581230
BPGM-27 x 1.5(2)13-18M-2781230
BPGM-30 x 1.5(2)15-20M-3091233
BPGM-32 x 1.5(2)16-21M-3291235
BPGM-40 x 1.5(2)22-32M-4091545
BPGM-50 x 1.5(2)32-38M-50101557
BPGM-63 x 1.5(2)37-44M-63111568
BPGM-70 x 1.5(2)42-52M-70152080
BPGM-72 x 1.5(2)42-52M-70152080
BPGM-75 x 1.5(2)42-52M-75152080
BPGM-80 x 1.5(2)55-62M-80152087
BPGM-88 x 1.5(2)65-70M-88152095
BPGM-100 x 1.5(2)78-84M-1001520110
BPGM: Metric Thread PG Glands. Suffix 'L' is for Long Nipple