Double Compression Brass Glands For Armoured Cable (Flame Proof)

Certified by : Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research

Braco Double Compression Glands are manufactured out of brass rods/castings and are machined accurately to the required sizes. These are nickel plated to avoid corrosion whilst storage and use.
These glands have two moisture proof seals and may be used under most climatic conditions. These are weather proof and water proof and when protected by a PVC shroud, these can be used under most corrosive conditions. The armour cone and ring gives excellent mechanical and electrical connections.
These Glands are certified by Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Dhanbad for use in Flameproof and weatherproof conditions. These Glands are rated with IP protection upto IP-68 Levels.
These glands are as per BS 6121:Part 1:2005 and have parts: Brass body, Armour clamp and Ring, Gland Barrel sealing nut, two seals, check nut , check nut and flat washer between the gland barrel and check nut is provided to prevent the drag on outer seal.
These glands are available in various different sizes and are suitable for all cables up to 1000sq. mm and control cables up to 61 cores. Threads can be ET / mm /NPT as per requirement. However if any special kind of gland or thread is required, the same can be supplied on request.
The gland can also be supplied with any other special plating such as cadmium, tin or pasivated. Also the glands can be supplied made out of aluminum, mild steel or stainless steel


  • Outer Seal
  • Sealing Nut
  • Brass Body
  • Clamping Ring
  • Armour Clamp
  • Inner Seal
  • Flat Washer
  • Check Nut
  • Gland Barrel

Technical Specification

BRACO CAT. NO B A A/F E A/C E1 Nipple thread Inch C D Acceptable cable OD (mm)
ET MM NPT Above Upto
BPF-3/8'131121245/8"M161/2" NPT25812
BPF-1/2"151121245/8"M161/2" NPT25813
BPF-001S141321243/4"M201/2" NPT25813
BPF-5/8"171423263/4"M201/2" NPT251115
BPF-00117142427.53/4"M201/2" NPT2512.516.5
BPF-01S17.51525293/4"M201/2" NPT2512.516.5
BPF-01201427313/4"M201/2" NPT251518
BPF-01L201527311"M253/4" NPT251518
BPF-0220.51830.535.51"M253/4" NPT251820
BPF-02S20.51430.535.53/4"M201/2" NPT251820
BPF-03231830.535.51"M253/4" NPT252023
BPF-1"232030.535.51"M253/4" NPT252023
BPF-04282037431"M253/4" NPT252326
BPF-04L282437431-1/4"M321" NPT252326
BPF-05312541471-1/4"M321" NPT252630
BPF-05L312641471-1/2"M401-1/4" NPT252630
BPF-0634314754.51-1/2"M401-1/4" NPT253033
BPF-06S34244754.51-1/4"M321" NPT253033
BPF-07393351591-1/2"M401-1/4" NPT253337
BPF-08433854622"M501-1/2" NPT253741
BPF-09474056652"M501-1/2" NPT254146
BPF-01053446676.52"M501-1/2" NPT254652
BPF-010L53506676.52-1/2"M632" NPT254652
BPF-011615680922-1/2"M632" NPT255260
BPF-012686484973"M752-1/2" NPT256066
BPF-013S7367901043"M752-1/2" NPT256672
BPF-0137975981133-1/4"M823" NPT257278
BPF-01485781031193-1/2"M903" NPT257883
BPF-01598911121294"M1003-1/2" NPT258393
BPF-0161061041251444-1/2"M1154" NPT2593104