Nylon Cable Glands PG Type (PG & Metric Threads)

Braco Nylon PG type Glands are suitable for unarmoured, plastic or rubber sheathed cables. These glands are made from UL approved Nylon PA-66 grade. These Glands provide IP protection upto IP-68 levels. The Claws and seals of excellent design, sealing nut have a click sound and reopen can hold cable firmly and have a wider cable Range. Resistant to salt water, Weak acid, Alcohol, Oil, Grease and Common Solvency.

Technical Specification

Gland Size Cable OD Range Thread OD C1 Thread Length C2 Hex Dimension
PPG-7 S2-512.5816
PPG-9 S2-615.2819
PPG-11 S3-718.6822
PPG-13.5 S5-920.41024
PPG-16 S7-1222.51027
PPG-19 S10-13241027
PPG- 2113-1828.31033
PPG- 21 S9-1628.31033
PPG- 2516-21301135
PPG- 25 S13-18301135
PPG- 2918-25371242
PPG- 29 S13-20371242
PPG- 3622-32471452
PPG- 36 S20-26471452
PPG- 4232-38541460
PPG- 42 S25-31541460
PPG-48 S29-3559.31564
PPG- 6342-50712877
PPG- 63 S32-40712877
PPG : PG Thread Glands. Suffix 'S' is for smaller dia Rubber.
PPGM : Metric Thread Glands. Suffix 'S' is for smaller dia Rubber.
Gland Size Cable OD Range Thread OD C1 Thread Length C2 Hex Dimension
PPGM-12 x 1.53-6.5M12816
PPGM-12 x 1.5 S2-5M12816
PPGM-16 x 1.54-8M16819
PPGM-16 x 1.5 S2-6M16819
PPGM-18 x 1.55-10M18822
PPGM-18 x 1.5 S3-7M18822
PPGM-20 x 1.56-12M201024
PPGM-20 x 1.5 S5-9M201024
PPGM-22 x 1.510-14M221027
PPGM-22 x 1.5 S7-12M221027
PPGM-24 x 1.512-16M241027
PPGM-24 x 1.5 S10-13M241027
PPGM-25 x 1.513-18M251033
PPGM-25 x 1.5 S9-16M251033
PPGM-27 x 1.513-18M271033
PPGM-27 x 1.5 S9-16M271033
PPGM-30 x 1.516-21M301135
PPGM-30 x 1.5 S13-18M301135
PPGM-32 x 1.516-21M321135
PPGM-32 x 1.5 S13-18M321135
PPGM-36 x 1.518-25M361242
PPGM-36 x 1.5 S13-20M361242
PPGM-40 x 1.522-32M401452
PPGM-40 x 1.5 S20-26M401452
PPGM-50 x 1.532-38M501460
PPGM-50 x 1.5 S25-31M501460
PPGM-63 x 1.537-44M631564
PPGM-63 x 1.5 S29-35M631564