Copper Tube In-Line Connectors (Insulated)

Braco connectors are designed for jointing low voltage conductors. Made of electrolytic copper tube having the same dimension as CT series lugs, Braco connectors are annealed and electrolytic ally tin plated. They feature an internal taper at both ends to ease the introduction of conductor and a dimple (if required) to ensure correct positioning. These connectors can also be provided with insulation. Tinning on connectors provides better finish, avoids oxidisation and achieves maximum corrossion protection

Technical Specification

Sq. mm
Dimensions Code No.
A C J A1 C1 J1
1.5 1.6 3.2 15 3.3 4.9 25 ILCI-63
2.5 2.4 4.0 15 4.1 5.5 25 ILCI-64
4.5 3.5 5.5 15 5.6 7.2 27 ILCI-65