Corrosion Inhabiting Compound

Braco Corrosion Inhabiting Compound is recommended for crimping connections. It is suggested where conditions are particularly aggressive such as chemical or salt-laden atmospheres or where inspection and cleaning are not regular.

Braco Corrosion Inhabiting Compound is mixture of Grey Lithium based grease with abrasive particles and suspended Zinc particles, which assist in jointing because as metal flows under pressure the abrasive particles cause small area of cold welding:

  • Corrosion Inhibit or does not affect the electrical properties of the compression joint.
  • It is non-corrosive to aluminium, copper, steel, tin, zinc and combination of these metals.
  • It does not deteriorate on exposure to atmosphere at conduct or operating temperature.
  • It has good sealing properties against moisture and contaminating substances in the atmosphere It has high temperature drop point.

The mixture contains:

  • Grey Lithium based grease 85%
  • Zinc Chromate 5%
  • Titanium Dioxide 10%

Test Report
The test carried out on 200 mm conduct or joined with Aluminium lugs 95 Sq. mm. The test results found in terms of mV drop compared to joint with nonuse of compound, joint with Braco Compound and joint with imported compound

Specification Joint without Compound Joint with Braco  Compound Joint with Imported Compound
At 700 Amp at Ambient Temp.  4.42 mV 2.65 mV 3.85 mV
After 10 days 6.16mv
3.1mv 5.35mv at 90c
5.70 mV 2.97 mV 4.75 mV
After1/2 hour ageing
at 200 c after 2nd test
7.06 mV 3.55 mV 5.56 mV