Threaded Couplings

Material: Aluminum Bronze.

These BRACO high- strength couplings are used for joining copper bond threaded earth rods together. They facilitate deep driving and ensure continual contact between the rods both during and after installation.

The coupling also protects the earth rod threads during the installation with the threaded diving head. There is a lead-in for ease of assembly and a hex on the outside for grip and keeping the coupling tight when driving into the ground.

All BRACO couplings are manufactured from a high copper content alloy ensuring excellent corrosion resistance.

Technical Specification

Type L mm D mm Part Number
1/2" 50 20 BCP 1250
1/2" 70 20 BCP 1270
5/8" 50 20 BCP 1650
5/8" 70 20 BCP 1670
3/4" 50 24 BCP 1950
3/4" 70 24 BCP 1970